About us

YYC Eritreans: What we do, Who we are, and Where we are going!

Our Mission

YYC Eritreans is an independent group and organization seeking to foster community, connection, and change among Eritreans in Calgary with the aim of empowering and creating opportunities for Eritrean youth and young adults.

Our Vision

We hope to continue to build upon the momentum we are seeing around the globe, empowering youth and young adults to be active citizens in their communities. By laying the groundwork for the Eritrean community in Calgary, we thus enhance and empower unity and cooperation amongst Eritreans everywhere.



How we help


  • YYC Eritreans hosts a variety of events with the aim of connecting
    Eritrean Calgarians and building community around a wide variety of
    topics and interests
  • Events: Basketball tournament, soccer tournament, Book Club for Black
    Women, Board Games Night, and more!


  • YYC Eritreans is committed to supporting Eritrean Calgarians in the pursuit of higher education – through formal educational settings, trade and technical schools, and more. We hope to connect members in the workforce, those new to the workforce, and those who have yet to join in order to support Eritrean Calgarians across industries with varying levels of experience.
  • ¬†Events: Career Pathways, Networking Night


  • YYC Eritreans seek to promote active living and healthy lifestyles. Along with our social events, our annual Basketball and Soccer tournaments provide an opportunity for Eritrean youth and young adults to come together in sport and play.
  • Events: Basketball Tournament, Soccer Tournament (in collaboration with CEYA)

Culture & Arts

  • YYC Eritreas is committed to archiving and preserving Eritrean culture and heritage. Our aim is to honour our past, our present, and create our future.
  • Events: Nipsey Hussle Vigil

Capacity Building

YYC Eritreans strives to strengthen the skills, abilities, and scope of the work we do, for our community, and that of our members as well. To thrive in a fast paced and quickly changing environment, we understand the need for ongoing community development – and we are committed to this principle with the aim of achieving longevity for the benefit of current and future generations of Eritreans in Calgary.